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2011-03-22 01:59 pm
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My dear Bollywood friends

After I created [ profile] bolly_flicks I realised soon how much work this journal brings with it. The music, the images, the summary... All that and a lot more took so much time, that I had to change the concept to make it easier and less stressier. But soon after the changes my sweetheart got a new job. Since then we have barely time for each other and I decided to set priorities. I came to the conclusion to close this journal. It was a lot of fun and I had many nice and funny conversations with some of you, but I already made my choice.

I won't delete [ profile] bolly_flicks. All the entries will remain here. So you can come back whenever you want.

Thank you for all your great support, help, ideas and recommendations! I really appreciated it and hope you understand my decision.